Mrs. Cardiology, Sunita Pandit, author, podcaster, blogger and healthy lifestyle coach educates both consumers and medical professionals about nutrition, preventive health care, alternative medicine, and food as medicine. She is an author who uses podcasting, live stream webinars, blogging, social media, live presentations and public speaking appearances to educate on a variety of health issues often not covered by traditional doctor visits. She tells people if you have heart pain you see her cardiologist husband, if you have a heartache over your health, talk to her.

Sunita also has 36 years of experience in caring for a severely handicapped son as a child, adolescent, and adult. Her son Sachin was born with severe Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation. She has designed her home that allows her family to live a normal lifestyle while giving excellent care to her severely handicapped adult son. Those designs are soon to be available on her website:

As Mrs. Cardiology Sunita has an international following for her podcast and blog.

• Healthy Nutrition and Cooking
• Lifestyle Creation for Caregivers of relatives with Handicaps
• Wellness Programs

• Intermittent Fasting Diet Plans
• Cardiology office management
• Preventive medicine
• Healthy technology for prevention
• Podcasting
• Webcasting
• Positivity coaching
• Aroma touch therapy
• Relaxation and Stress Relief
• Nutrition and Supplements 

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